6 Android Hacks That You Must Know

6 ways to boost your android productivity and get the most out of your Android smartphone

In this video, I’m going to help you derive more out of your Android smartphone and ensure you are faster & more efficient with your smartphone. You might know of some and might not. But let’s get started.

First Hack: Adding Quick setting toggles
If you’re running Android Nougat, and chances are that you are, you can now extend the functionalities available in your notification panel by adding more toggles.

And the choices are limitless. Download Quick Settings from the Play Store and you can actually add a host of settings and basic app launches to your settings toggles.

With a single tap you can keep your screen awake, make your earpiece the speaker instead of the actual speaker, open a contact quickly, place a toggle for auto brightness or even if you want to roll a dice for fun.

Second Hack: Stream

I hate it when I’m listening to some song on YouTube and I can’t move away from the app because the song would stop playing. To some extent, using multi-screen can help a bit but you still feel handicapped.

Install, Stream. It’s a simple YouTube hack that lets you do anything you want while the song or the video is playing in a pop up player. Sadly, you can’t lock your device – that would stop the song. It’s still a pretty good hack & you can use this as long as you don’t have YouTube music in your country.

Third Hack: RockerLocker

Rocker Locker changes that and defaults your volume rocker action to media volume. So, you no more have to wait to start a video or open a player to be able to change the media volume.

Fourth Hack: Custom Launcher
Custom launchers allow you to change the look of your phone giving you the power to change icons of your apps, change colors of the app drawer, lets you apply different transition animations and change accent colors.

They also increase smartphone usage productivity by allowing for gestures.

Fifth Hack: Buffer

While I understand snapchat and instagram stories is big with all social media fanatics out there. But if you are still one of those who click photos and want to post it on facebook and on instagram and on twitter – then buffer can do it one shot for you.

Simply install the app and connect your profiles which can also include pinterest and linkedin. You can create one or multiple posts and schedule it go live on multiple platforms that you select.

Sixth Hack: Automation

The second most thing I love about Android smartphones is the ability to automate and the extent to which you can do it. While there are many apps there, the easiest to use is IFTTT.

You can either create an automation rule of your own or you could browse through thousands of user created automation applets that can make your life easier.

The royalty-free music used in this video is ‘Back To The Stars’ by Nazar Rybak.
(, licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0”. I have given credit for the use of this music at the end in the video description.
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  1. How is colour of app drawer changing automatically ? please tell me.. Because I m able to set only one colour and I want colour changing app drawer


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