Zidoo X7 – The 4K 69$ Android TV Box! [REVIEW]

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The Zidoo X7 Android TV Box comes in at a very cheap price, but is it worth it?

The Zidoo X7 has 4K capabilities (it won’t make your 1080p tv 4K if it’s not 4K), HDR, Android 7.1 and 2GB or DDR3 RAM. Wifi and Bluetooth are there as well, because you’re going to need it if you want to play games on this. It has all the ports you need: USB 3.0, AV, LAN, HDMI and a bunch of other inputs as well. The X7 looks slick, has a nice glossy finish, but does it perform?

The first start-up was pretty fast, but I noticed some lag when typing. Also, if you have a bluetooth mouse or keyboard, please use it or you’ll have a very bad time navigating with the remote control. That’s actually the first thing I want to point out: the remote control is bad – I’m not allowed to use dirty language. You can switch between normal remote or mouse cursor, but that doesn’t really help. With the mouse cursor it’s better, but you have to press the navigation button like ten seconds if you want to go down a little.

Okay we got the worst thing out the way, now the good things. The X7 is actually pretty fast. The only time I noticed lag was when opening the browser for the first time and typing a little. After that everything went smooth. Games run fast, video quality is top notch and Wifi speeds are good as well.

If it wasn’t for the stupid remote, this thing would actually be great! Now it’s just pretty good. The price is only 69$ right now, so that’s a very low price for what you’re getting, but remember, using the remote for something like this is very annoying! You can find the Zidoo X7 here:


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