YouTube star Jake Paul moves into his $6.9 million Calabasas mansion

Bad news for the people living in Los Angeles’ Calabasas city. YouTube star Jake Paul, who recently made life hell for his West Hollywood neighbours, has moved into a huge mansion in the wealthy neighbourhood.

Paul announced his purchase of the 15,000 sq ft mansion on Oct. 13, featuring the house with a distinct metal block sculpture in front.

Pictures of the property on designer Amit Apel’s site offer a peek into the 20-year-old’s upcoming vlogs, which are surely set to feature even bigger scale antics on the 3.5 acre property.

The three storey entrance is set to impress.

The three storey entrance is set to impress.

One of the house's' 10 bathrooms.

One of the house’s’ 10 bathrooms.

All that closet space tho.

All that closet space tho.

According to the house’s listing on, it has eight bedrooms, 10 full bathrooms, a chilled wine closet, and spa bath in the master bedroom.

Outside, the grounds include a pool with “multiple waterfalls,” two barbecue pits, and a Tesla charging station, with the entire property overlooking the city over the hill.

It was only 124 days on the market before Paul snapped it up.

Paul’s decision to buy the mansion could have been influenced by his brother, Logan’s, recent purchase of a $6.5 million home in Los Angeles’ Encino neighbourhood.

He even left his mark on a listing of the house, under a section labelled “What I love about the home,” writing: “Logan Paul don’t mess with me.”

Both brothers first rose to fame on Vine, and have since branched out to other platforms like YouTube and Instagram to vlog about their lives.

Jake Paul’s notorious pranks and lifestyle, however, eventually resulted in him getting fired from the Disney Channel’s Bizaardvark series this year.

Hopefully, with the extra expanse of space that his new home offers, Paul will finally get out of his neighbours’ hair while he films his stunts with his entourage. Plus, the Calabasas mansion will offer enough privacy to deter Paul’s fans that reportedly camped outside his former West Hollywood rental property, disturbing his neighbours in the process.

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