Pokemon Go Fest is coming this weekend

Pokemon Go Fest is coming this weekend
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Those who still play Pokemon Go will be preparing for Pokemon Go Fest, which kicks off on July 22.

Niantic will be setting out some new challenges, and many see it as likely that the game will have its first Legendary Raid.

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During the day, Trainers will be able to work during three Challenge Windows to unlock global rewards.

If enough Pokemon around the world get caught, a mystery challenge will be unveiled in Grant Park.

And if that gets completed successfully, a Global Rewards phase will become available to all the next day.

Fans have the next few days to prepare for a weekend of Pokemon Go activity.

The best way to gather supplies is to visit Pokemon Go Gym locations, and there will be more available in the run-up to the big event.

When are the three phases?

The challenges will come in a set of three, with the first kicking off at 5pm BST and lasting for around thirty minutes.

Then there will be two more thirty minute windows, at 6pm and 9pm BST.

The Global Reward Challenge will kick off on July 23, giving players 24 hours to catch the mysterious treat Niantic have prepared.

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