New iPhone 8 could have resizeable virtual home button, developers say

Is this how the new iPhone will look? (Picture: Nodus)

We’re rapidly approaching the release date of the new iPhone – so blurry leaked photos and unconfirmed rumours are popping up all over the place.

Apple is notoriously secretive when it comes to their upcoming releases, with customers only really finding out what they’re buying on the day the device comes out.

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However, developers reckon they have uncovered some facts about the home button.

Writing on Twitter, Steve Troughton-Smith said he discovered code that suggests the virtual button is resizeable and can be hidden at the user’s command.

That is in line with previous reports that the button will appear on the screen rather than being a physical button.

The new iPhone's virtual home button could be resizeable, developers say
Other rumours suggest it could have a 3D camera (Picture: Nodus)

There isn’t a lot of confirmed info about the new phone – its name remains a mystery – but it is likely to be released in September, in line with previous iPhones.

But this year, developers have been given clues after HomePod firmware, which runs on iOS, was accidentally released.

In addition to the home button adjustments, developers believe facial recognition has been installed as a means of backing up Apple Pay.

Guilherme Rambo said he believes facial recognition will be used to store multiple faces and can be accessed via the front and rear cameras.

The new iPhone's virtual home button could be resizeable, developers say
Concept artists have released images of how the phone could look (Picture: Nodus)

Just like in previous years, eager Apple fans camping out overnight to be at the front of the queue on iPhone release day don’t exactly know what they’ll end up with.

Other rumours suggest the device will come with free AirPods, the wireless headphones, a 3D camera and a large ‘infinity’ screen.

It is also believed to cost about £700.

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