Lenovo Tab 4 is a small, affordable tablet with great battery life – Video

[MUSIC] A small tablet is great for binge watching the latest Netflix obsession, light reading or casually browsing the web.
And it’s even better when it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.
[MUSIC] The 8 inch Tab 4 Lenovo is the perfect example.
[MUSIC] Starting at $130 it’s affordably priced and has an impressively long battery life, though it’s not as cheap as the Amazon Fire HD 8.
That tablet start as low as $80, but it doesn’t have access to the Google Play Store and without an Amazon Prime account, many of the best features are useless.
[MUSIC] The Lenovo tab on the other hand has access to the full selection of apps in the Google Play Store and doesn’t require prime membership for anything.
It doesn’t have the highest screen resolution but it still looks good.
HD video is sharp on the small display and it’s colorful enough to enjoy vibrant cartoons.
For your kids.
It also has a micro SD card expansion spot to load up the tablet with your favorite books and videos in case you plan being without WiFi access.
Pair all of that with its long battery life and perfectly compact size, and you got yourself a great small tablet for travel Or casually using around the house.

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