iOS Playscore Scoop August 2017 | 42 Best New iPhone & iPad games reviewed

A ranking of all the the newly-released and newly-rated iOS mobile games that have just released on the Apple App Store. Play these latest games on your iPhone, iPad, or iTouch. You may get these games by clicking the links below:

Angry Birds Match
Beat Fever: Music Tap Rhythm Game
Bottom of the 9th
Burgle Bros
Cat Bird!
Combat Squad
Danmaku Unlimited 3
Darkest Dungeon
Delicious – Emily’s Miracle of Life
Demise of Nations
Dice Mage 2
EGGLIA: Legend of the Redcap
Flippy Knife
Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!
Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy TTG – Episode 3
Miracle Merchant
Neo Angle
Noblemen: 1896
Piece Out
Pigeon Wings
Questy Quest
Radiation City
Road Warriors
Silly Walks
Snipers vs Thieves
Strike Team Hydra
Super Phantom Cat 2
Swim Out
Swipe Casters
The Walking Dead: March To War
Ticket to Earth: Episode 2 – Crash
Titanfall: Assault
Toon Blast
War Wings
Zlatan Legends

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18 thoughts on “iOS Playscore Scoop August 2017 | 42 Best New iPhone & iPad games reviewed”

  1. Fantastic work sir, keep up the good work! I've actually developed an iOS-specific gaming channel myself, with game reviews, gameplay (with and without commentary), streams, and other content specific to iOS. Would you (or anyone watching) mind taking a glance and letting me know what you think? It's nothing nearly as large as your channel of course, but I do enjoy creating!


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