Best Android Phones – August 2017

Chris and Joe discuss the updated Best Android Phone rankings. Full list:

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10 thoughts on “Best Android Phones – August 2017”

  1. So many reasons it's hard to take this video seriously. When talking about the essay, you say it does nothing great. Then a minute later you say the look of the device is great, totally contradicting what you just said. Also it's pretty absurd to call the placement of the fingerprint sensor a deal-breaker. Do you know what deal-breaker means? It means in and of itself, it is the one thing that would make you not buy the phone. That is just stupid. Still I'm happy that you acknowledge that it is one of the best two phones of the year, but I'm even happier that one of the most reputable journalistic organs, Consumer Reports, calls it the best phone available.

  2. Cannot believe you do not mention the Droids; The concept of the mods on the Motorola's put some of these to shame; Never been easier to get a Full day for this power user,; sound has no comparison when using the JBL MOD; Pixel does nothing but keeps freezing on certain apps; never had the issue on my Motorola.


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