Android 17 vs Kakunsa (Subbed)



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39 thoughts on “Android 17 vs Kakunsa (Subbed)”

  1. Since the start of the TOP I've really developed a new love for the androids. They're so cold and I love it. They've definitely worked their way up to my favorites. 17 & 18 are both equally as savage lol

    Let's not sleep on the fact that these 2 alone have eliminated the most fighters so far.

  2. Bullshit and nonsense episode. 17 should have one-shotted such fodders like Kakunsa from the start. Of course this is something that will never happen in a show that's only aim is fanservice and money.

  3. The way he knocked out the winged chick is by far the funniest shit I've seen on this show lmao. 17's attitude is fucking legendary. I think he gives less fucks than Jiren to be honest. He said he got serious but still looks like he's barely trying lol. Besides Gohan, he's my new favorite character right now. Hope we can see more fights with him, or even some tag team with him and 18 like they did in Future Trunks timeline. That'd be dope


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