Android 17 interrupts Universe 2’s Tranformation (Subbed)

Savage lol


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38 thoughts on “Android 17 interrupts Universe 2’s Tranformation (Subbed)”

  1. OMG, yeah, about time someone with a half a brain would figure out that these lengthy transformation scenes from Sailor Moon were impractical and are just wasting their time. That was clearly a rib on Sailor Moon.

  2. To everyone who comments about how stupid it is to watch them power up – in this one case, there may be some justification. They gotta give the two Zenos a good show. Who knows how they'd react if they're not pleased?

  3. Was anyone else waiting for someone else to do the exact same thing again. Like when the Universe 2 team started the whole routine someone else would blow them up? That would have been great.

  4. Toppo made me laugh LOOOL, it makes so much sense, I mean this dude took a SSB Kamehameha to the face and the only thing that nigga was pissed about was the Uniform Lool. Just as Universe 2's stance for love is important Universe 11s stance for Justice is important. After all they are twin Universes so it makes sense, and that's what makes it so funny that it just had to be Toppo of all Characters lol, it doesn't make him less of a baddass, it just shows a different side to his passion as a warrior. Also this was the one time that both Toppo and Goku will probably ever agree LOL.

  5. Seriously people: If your gonna give shit to everyone about letting opponents power up then you need to give 17 shit to because he let Piccolo power up. I'm amazed that people are forgetting that cause I've seen people call Piccolo's fight with 17 the best in Z.


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