10 Cool New Android Apps You Did Not Know About (2017)

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Love trying out cool new Android apps on your Android smartphone? Well, in this video, we bring you 10 cool new Android apps of 2017 you did not know about. All of the Android apps are free, with a few featuring in-app purchases.

We have demonstrated the new Android apps using the Xiaomi Mi Mix and the Samsung Galaxy S8.

App Links and Video Walkthrough:

1. Holo (Free)
2. Control Center iOS 11 (Free)
3. Sesame Shortcuts (Free):
4. Microsoft Face Swap (Free):
5. FastKey Launcher (Free):
6. TouchBar (Free):
7. Firefox Focus (Free):
8. BatON (Free):
9. Teleport Photo Editor (Free):
10. Skippy (Free):

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